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With the touring family in mind

With the touring family in mind I set out to design the most essential touring equipment that could be fitted to a ute.

After having several different setups over the years while travelling with my young family I knew exactly what we needed but I couldn’t find something that ticked all the boxes.

We needed something that was versatile and not only could safely go to the most remote places in Australia with the family but also be used to throw a swag, quad and a riffle on the back and head out for a couple days with the boys.

September 2016, after returning from a trip to the Cape York with the family I started designing.  Little did I realise that I was working on the first “Tactical Series V1” design for ARMED Equipment.  The 3D design was modelled in a state of the art drafting package ensuring the perfect fit of all components.  During the design process, a couple close of mates helped come up with additional ideas and had to have a tray each too.

By December 2016 we had a design which we were happy to move forward with, through December 2016 and January 2017 Armed Equipment completed 3 trays.

These trays tick all the boxes
Designed with the most essential touring equipment that could be fitted to a ute

Thoroughly tested, these trays have exceeded expectations on all aspects including strength, usability, durability and 4WD practicality. The design has not gone unnoticed, the response has been phenomenal, even to the point where I have been stopped at traffic lights and blokes are asking where they can get one.

Pic Z1-1-min
PIC Z2-1-min

ARMED with construction.

We can design the product to adapt to most vehicles, but is specifically designed for the LC79 dual cab.

The construction is 100% aluminium sections.  The main side rails and mounting system all has a 6mm wall thickness with a cross beam section of 3mm wall thickness.

The chassis members are designed so they interlock.  Even before the product is welded it is self-supporting and is within a 1mm of square on diagonals.

The majority of the welding is carried out by robots an is to Australian Standards.  With extensive jigs and fixtures we have excellent consistency in our products.

With this consistency of the ARMED’S manufacturing techniques we are able to also supply reliable spare or replacement parts.

Our trays all have serial numbers, so including them on your insurance policy a breeze, but this has also enabled us to be able to offer finance options if required.   To protect our product and to ensure that your purchase retains its valve we only sell replacement components to those clients that can supply a valid serial number.

We believe in our product so strongly that we provide a 12 month warranty with every purchase
ARMED provides a variety of amazing options:
  • 100L water tank with booster pump

  • Under tray 60L, unleaded fuel cell with fuel pump

  • Under tray battery box, capable of holding 3 deep cycle batteries

  • Trundle tray

  • Underbody toolboxes ( with or without internal LED light and power outlets)

  • 16 anchor points which are designed for tie down points and also used to secure our other canopy/dog box options

  • Rear winch mount

ARMED Equipment has a range of different lengths we can offer from 1900mm up to 3000mm, including headboard.
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