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The Adventurer LCA1

The Adventurer LCA1 Tray System
Front under body tool box with optional led lighting and power outlets
Rear under body tool box with optional led lighting and power outlets
Stop, tail and indicatory led lights
Rear water tap fed from the in-built 100l water tank with 12v pump
Additional reverse lights to help you back up in the bush when you are not in the big smoke
Rear under body winch that will help recover your vehicle when on solo missions or helping out a friend in need without a front winch
Under body draw is the ultimate place to store your recovery gear, MaxTrax, motor bike ramps or even a lockable drawer to store riffles or ammunition for the hunting enthusiasts, and when you add central locking you have a secure drawer for any of your bibs and bobs.
Under body fuel cell outlet. The fuel hose is stored in a tube which keeps it dust free and stops you from having to store a fuel hose or jiggler in your under-body tool box. Once removed the fuel outlet has a quick release fitting which allows you to refuel your quad, bike, buggy or chainsaw without having to worry about carrying dirty jerry cans
Diesel filler cap
16 flush mounted anchor points with eye bolts. These flush mounted anchor points hold down our range of canopy’s and accessories
100l water tank connected to 12v water pump to allow you to have a shower or even wash your truck!
Armed’s flush mounted additional tail, stop and indicator lights will make you feel safer and you are more likely to avoid some turkey rear ending you.
Our Products

Armed Equipment’s Tactical Series trays are specifically designed for the touring Aussie in mind.
With it’s integrated 100l water tank featuring a 12 volt water pump, ideal for washing or even showering.
With Armed’s interlocking chassis design, not only is maximum strength gained but it also insures 100% accuracy with every build whilst maintaining a light weight structure with the standard tray weighting in at an impressive 160kgs.
The load bearing chassis members are constructed from 6mm wall thickness aluminium sections, making strength and durability second to none.
With Armed’s additional tail/stop and indicator light on the head you can feel safer and are more likely to avoid some turkey rear ending you.

Armed’s under body toolboxes are a great place to store your recovery gear, chainsaw or you could even get Armed to install the 12 volt oven, perfect for heating a hot meat pie or a quick snack on the road.  Internal LED lights make finding your bibs and bobs at night a breeze.

Additional options include 12 volt power outlets in every under body toolbox, slide out drawer systems and even central locking.

With 16 anchor points flush mounted into the floor there’s a magnitude of options to secure your load including motor bikes, quad bikes or even just throwing you swag on the back for a weekend away with your mates.   Armed’s anchor points double as attachment points for many other options offered through Armed such as mini canopies, full canopies, even bike racks with integrated ramp systems.

To finish off this awesome touring tray Armed customises and colour codes all its products with all tool boxes also painted inside, this completes the ultimate tray system.

Armed Options
Underbody Drawer

Armed’s Under Body Drawer System provides you have the ultimate place to store your recovery gear, MaxTrax or motor bike ramps.  Include a lockable drawer to store riffles or ammunition for the hunting enthusiasts, then add central locking you have a secure drawer for any of your bibs and bobs.

Underbody Fuel Cell

With Armed’s Underbody Fuel Cell included you no longer need to carry bulky Jerry cans.   The 60L capacity gives you plenty of fuel for motor bikes, generators, chain saws, even extra fuel for your vehicle.   As part of the Fuel Cell Installation Armed fits a 12 volt fuel pump making filling your equipment easy.  The quick connect fuel fittings is mounted on the rear with a design that includes a purpose built home for your refuelling hose.

Underbody Battery box

Armed’s Underbody Battery Box, can hold up to 3 x 110amp/hr AGM batteries capable for powering anything you could think of.   With this great option you are able to keep power on hand even without your canopy, additionally you are able to save valuable space inside your canopies.

Armed Canopies

Armed have a multitude of different designs available, from mini canopies with combination dry box and dog create to even fridge box and swing down wheel carriers.

All Armed’s Canopies are colour coded, matched and styled to the vehicle they are fitted to.  Included are standard LED lights with the inside painted to allow maximum lighting and visibility.

As standard Armed Canopies have tail/stop and indicators mounted at the top to replicate the lights in the head board.

With plenty of additional options available, you could have central locking, several different drawer combinations and even a slide out kitchen option.

Custom Canopies

Armed Equipment are equipped to help with your custom canopy fit outs, designing a system to suit your needs.

Armed Wheel Carries

Armed has 2 wheel carry designs for 37″ tyres.
The first carry is a stylish laid back system that mounts on the mini canopies.
The second wheel carry is quite impressive with swing down arms which lower the wheels to the ground, this assists you lifting these big suckers up and down. Designed to be operated with only one person these are great option for truck with big wheels and or big lift.

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ARMED Equipment has a range of different lengths we can offer from 1900mm up to 3000mm, including headboard.